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Domestic NUMERICAL control knife craft gap reason

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  • Time of issue:2014-11-08 00:00

Domestic NUMERICAL control knife craft gap reason

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 High quality and low price is the development trend of CNC knife with high quality and low price is the theme of domestic tools this year, close to production, economic and practical is the biggest advantage of domestic tools. Domestic cutting tools through exhibitions and technical exchanges, to the user to pass their own advantages of the concept of high-quality and inexpensive cutting tools to improve production efficiency, reduce the total manufacturing cost. Backward cutting technology is one of the main reasons for low efficiency in the metal processing industry, good horse with good saddle, high efficiency CNC equipment using low performance cutting tools, can not give full play to the advantages of equipment but cause a greater waste of resources. Previously, when we mention CNC cutting tools, the first thing we think of is expensive foreign brands, some products with low added value are difficult to accept. Affected by this, CNC tools are mainly used in the finishing stage of CNC machine tools, most ordinary machine tools still use cheap welding tools, after normal wear, for many regrinding. Sharpening knife is difficult, sharpening knife is more difficult, the operator in addition to master the sharpening method and operation essentials, but also have a high understanding to appreciate the secret. Ten years of hard work, thousands of turning knives cast a senior turning worker. The master has indeed accumulated a lot of experience and skills in knife sharpness, and a couple of hours' continuous use can be done after a general welding lathe knife is purses, which is more durable than the CNC blade, but such skilled workers are rare after all. In addition, in the production mode of modern enterprises based on assembly line, there is no gap between the processes, and it is really not an easy thing to settle down and sharpen the knife. Ten years of hard work can not keep up with the pace of enterprise development. The key step to improve production efficiency is to properly increase the input of cutting tools, liberate the production workers from the tedious knife grinding labor and concentrate on the operation of machine tools. As the market competition becomes increasingly fierce, the profit of the general machining industry is becoming thinner and thinner. Although the numerical control tool brings the positive value, far exceeds the cost that increases for this, start with careful calculation private enterprise, still hope to exchange for the greatest benefit with the least consumption. In the premise of meeting the processing requirements, as far as possible to choose low-price cutting tools. Domestic CNC cutting tools started late, there are some gaps in high and new technology and production process, but overall has obvious advantages: reasonable price; Timely supply; Users can exchange experience with tool manufacturers face to face to discuss the confusion and solutions encountered in the use of tools; According to their own intention to customize a variety of non-standard tools and so on, these advantages are the focus of enterprise attention. CNC machine tool based precision cutting, blank margin is very small, the feed can not be put too fast, the main way to improve production efficiency is high-speed cutting, which is the strength of some coating tools. Chengdu Qianmu, Zhuzhou diamond, Xiamen golden Heron and other excellent quality of domestic cutting tools, after ups and downs, the market share has been greatly improved, with stable cutting performance to win the favor of users. In order to meet the requirements of users in different industries, manufacturers also compete to provide high-quality cutting tools and supporting services. Compared with shante, Shangao, Kenna, Iska and other foreign well-known brands, the biggest characteristic of domestic cutting tools is high cost performance, strong practicality, thoughtful service, representing the industry's advanced cutting technology and manufacturing process. Domestic cutting tools in the metal processing field of small and medium-sized enterprises have a good market and development space, more and more users with local cutting tools to carry out technical exchanges and project cooperation, in the new product development and manufacturing process to obtain relevant cutting tools and technical support. Close to production, economic and practical is the biggest advantage of domestic cutting tools. There are many successful cases in this regard before, in the 1950s, the master craftsmen invented the group drill and 75° strong turning tool, have created a miracle in the history of tool cutting. Domestic cutting tools in the design and manufacturing process, draw lessons from the industry's advanced technology, into the factory's internal experience, and constantly develop more adaptable special cutting tools, can quickly and save to solve the problems encountered in the process of processing. The launch of each new product will drive cutting technology in related fields to a new level. It is based on the concept of serving users from reality, domestic tools in the research and development process and structural innovation continue to accumulate experience, and the user mutual benefit and win-win. To promote the rapid development of machining industry with efficient and practical cutting technology.



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