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Development of CNC system for bus Angle milling machine

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Development of CNC system for bus Angle milling machine

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  • Time of issue:2014-11-07 00:00

CNC hydraulic transfer busbar processing center is a modern advanced manufacturing technology, computer technology, communication technology, control technology, hydraulic pneumatic technology and optoelectronic technology, with high efficiency, high precision, high automation, high flexibility and low labor intensity and so on the characteristic of electromechanical integration products, is a typical digital control technology and the organic combination of precision manufacturing technology products. Therefore, the research of the equipment control system will become the focus of this paper. Here is a detailed look at the development of the CNC system of the bus milling machine.

The development of CNC system at home and abroad in the 1970s, modern CNC machine tool has become the most important technical characteristics of machinery manufacturing, CNC machine tool level, has become an important symbol to measure the level of national industrialization. Due to the continuous development of digital technology and its wide application, the traditional industrial structure and production mode in the machinery industry will have a great change and influence, production efficiency and product quality will be significantly improved, and the automatic processing of complex workpiece can be realized.

With the improvement of technical level and the emergence of new production technology, the numerical control technology has changed a lot. Is also making the traditional machinery manufacturing industry has undergone a huge change. Computer digital control system is a set of computer, machining, microelectronics and automatic control technology in one of the high and new technology. With the continuous development of computer information technology, electronic technology and new material technology and application in the field of machine tool technology, CNC machine tool manufacturing technology of bus milling Angle machine is developing in the following aspects:

1. High speed operation and high precision control. The improvement of processing efficiency and processing quality is always the main task of CNC machine tool of bus milling Angle machine. Modern more advanced production technology provides an opportunity for high-speed and high-precision machine tool manufacturing, which makes the comprehensive performance of mechanical and electrical products have been greatly improved, and the production efficiency has been improved a lot.

2. Universalization and modularization. Open numerical control system is designed to meet the generalization and modularization, it gives the operator and machine tool manufacturers provides a standard open nc platform, users can according to their own ideas on the platform needed for the program, generate the corresponding processing unit, the features of good generality, makes the numerical control system using has perfect technical compiled program, can be in The same applies to other CNC systems.

3. Networking and intelligence. The network of numerical control system is based on the current Internet technology, remote monitoring and maintenance of numerical control system, and even remote realization of operation and processing, scheduling and management of production workshop. Intelligence is in order to achieve automatic production and processing, reduce people's intervention in the process of production and processing and the pursuit of the goal, with more advanced controller and the use of a variety of sensors, can make the machine tool in a safer condition to achieve the intelligent machine tool. In the program design, strive to user operation at least, and make the operation interface more "fool ", in line with the thinking habits of most people, to achieve intelligent operation and friendly man-machine interface.

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