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How to do a good job of bus processing machine rust prevention work

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  • Time of issue:2014-11-06 00:00

How to do a good job of bus processing machine rust prevention work

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  • Time of issue:2014-11-06 00:00

We all know that any machine is best used when it is first bought. After a period of time, it will feel slow, the operation is not so delicate, the disposal of the product is not so lubrication. Busbar processing machine, and a preliminary buying time feel a little better, with more and more feel the touch of the machine is not so right, but this is not the machine itself, how to make bus bar manufacturing machine always adheres to the workings of the best, do it today to briefly analyze the for us, the vast majority of customers doesn't even have the basic maintenance, unchecked. The first thing we want to focus on here is to be sure to be punctual protection and maintenance of bus processing machine. It's easier and cheaper to do something consistently than to have your flaws fixed once in a while.

Another found that busbar processing machine is always in the overload operation process, the captain of the busbar processing time after use, have to let it rest for a while, we will check all the parts of wear, and so on, carries on the brief adjustments to make it into work, continue to work of high pressure, even if the machine, it also pretty is not live. There is a more serious point is that workers do not look at the use of instructions on the initial arbitrary operation, which is explicitly prohibited, and repeatedly focused on. Wrong operation second, wrong operation method whether the bus processing machine is still operating the machine itself are facing the abyss. Buyers must carry out in-depth guidance on this situation. Do a good job in every detail, can make the service life of the bus processing machine a little longer, the use of a little better. In order to adhere to the best use of the bus processor, the above points you are worth taking action.

Bus processing machine rust is a problem if it happens. When the customer does not do a reasonable job of rust prevention and bus processing machine rust, we show that it is also unable to properly. Not only seriously affect the beauty of the bus processing machine, there can also affect the normal use of customers. The following is a good way for us to sum up some rust prevention, I hope we learn to learn together.

1: bus processing machine as far as possible in the indoor use, adhere to indoor monotonous, and do a good waterproof method, must not be placed in the open air by the wind and sun.

2: try not to rainy days, perhaps wet season to reduce the use of bus processing machine, more to adhere to indoor drab, not affected by rain, conditional can be covered with a layer of waterproof cover.

3: punctuality check bus processing machine is not to rust the appearance, and timely clean up. Nip in the bud, do a good job of bus processing machine rust prevention.

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