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Kunming Kunkai Special CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. is the first enterprise in China to launch busbar processing equipment, and it is also a national high-tech enterprise. The enterprise certification number: GR200953000090. Our company has been engaged in busbar processing equipment for more than 20 years, integrating product design, manufacture and sales. The company has more than 80 employees, of which 25% are professional technical developers and 80% are college graduates. The whole series of high, medium and low-grade products have obtained national patents. It has won national and provincial awards such as the National Key New Product Award, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions Outstanding Achievement Award, and the Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award. In 1994, the company was listed as the science and technology development plan of the Ministry of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, and the products were listed as the necessary process equipment for the acceptance of the process breakthrough in the high-voltage switch industry by the Xi'an High-voltage Electric Apparatus Research Institute. All types of equipment are at the leading level in the same industry and have a high reputation. The products have been promoted and used in more than 3,000 electrical industry factories in 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country. And exported to Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai and other neighboring countries, exported to South Africa.

After unremitting efforts, the company has been recognized by the society. In 2010, the government dispatched a doctor from Tsinghua University, and Professor Fan Yujin from Kunming University of Science and Technology joined our company as a science and technology commissioner. Capability brings great development. Our company and Professor Fan jointly developed the "Busbar Machining Center" project, which has obtained the support of the national fund. In November 2011, the company was awarded the honorary title of General Manager Zheng Huai and National Model Worker Innovation Studio by the Yunnan Provincial Federation of Trade Unions. In the same year, the company was selected as the representative of the 10th Congress of the Communist Party of China in Kunming, which further enhanced the company's integrity; July 2011 In this month, he was awarded the workstation of scientific and technological experts by Kunming Science and Technology Bureau, and three doctors, Fan Yujin, Li Zhekun and Liu Jianxiong of Kunming University of Science and Technology were appointed to the company to assist in the work, which made the company's innovation and research and development work take a big step forward.

High-tech, high-quality, and reputation are our consistent tenet. Quality is life, service is the purpose, management produces benefits, science and technology promotes development, respects the management idea of ​​touching people with emotion, convincing people with reason, educating people with science and technology, and cultivating people with career, and the spirit of forging ahead and pursuing excellence, so that the company can Faster pace of steady development.

The hydraulic busbar bending machine has been promoted since 1989. After more than 20 years of development and innovation, the products include:

1. Complete set of equipment for single-station hydraulic busbar processing machine

2. Complete set of equipment for three-station hydraulic busbar processing machine

3. Complete set of CNC busbar processing machine

4. Portable hydraulic busbar processing equipment

5. Hydraulic busbar chamfering machine

6. Hydraulic busbar punching and shearing machine

Seven. Hydraulic bus leveling machine

8. Hydraulic busbar stripping machine

Nine. Hydraulic multi-purpose angle cutting machine

10. Comprehensive test bench for high and low voltage switchgear

Eleven. Channel steel punching machine

12. Machining Center

, and other special busbar processing equipment to meet the different needs of the switch industry.


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