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General Manager Introduction

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Zheng Huaihe, general manager and senior engineer of CNC Special Equipment Company of Kunming Switch Factory, graduated from Tsinghua University majoring in mechanical manufacturing. Due to its outstanding achievements in the design and development of special equipment for full-sequence busbar processing, it has been successively rated as a special model worker in Kunming, a provincial model worker, a member of the provincial expert group, and the vice president of the municipal model worker association; professional and technical personnel with outstanding contributions in Kunming; 2005 Was rated as a national model worker; in 2011, he was selected as the representative of the 10th Kunming City Congress of the Communist Party of China.



 The general manager of our company, Zheng Huaihe, was named a national model worker in 2005, and was received by the state leader Hu Jintao and other comrades in the Great Hall of the People. (Seventh from the left in the rear row)



  The general manager of our company, Zheng Huaihe, won the National Technological Achievement Innovation Award in 2004, and was received by Vice Premier Huang Ju of the State Council and other leaders in the Great Hall of the People. (Second from the left in the rear row)



  In 2005, Zheng Huaihe, general manager of our company, took a group photo with Li Xinhua, head of the national labor model delegation and vice governor of Yunnan Province, in Tiananmen Square.



 In 1998, Zheng Huaihe, the general manager of our company, visited Europe with the Chinese mechanical engineering delegation and took pictures at the Palace of Westminster in London, England.



In 2004, Zheng Huaihe, general manager of our company, visited the United States with the Yunnan Economic and Technological Delegation and took a photo at the White House.



 In 2009, students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Tsinghua University came to our company for an internship and took pictures with the company's employees.


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