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Numerical control machine tool processing advantages

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Numerical control machine tool processing advantages

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 Along with digitization, the informationization degree is higher and higher. CNC machine tools are also more and more infiltrated into the major enterprises, so what are the advantages of CNC machine tools? (1) High degree of automation, can reduce the manual labor intensity of the operator. CNC machining process is completed automatically according to the input program, the operator only needs to start on the knife, loading and unloading work pieces, tool replacement, in the process of processing, mainly observation and supervision of machine operation. However, due to the high technical content of CNC machine tools, the operator's mental work is improved accordingly. (2) Machining parts with high precision and stable quality. CNC machine positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy are very high, it is easy to ensure the consistency of a number of parts size, as long as the process design and program is correct and reasonable, coupled with careful operation, you can ensure that parts obtain higher processing accuracy, but also easy to implement quality control of the processing process. (3) High production efficiency. Numerical control machine is to be able to once again clamping in multiple machining surface, generally only testing first, so can provinces ordinary machine tool processing when a lot of middle process, such as line, size detection, etc., to reduce the auxiliary time, and because the nc machining of parts with stable quality, bring convenience for the follow-up process, the comprehensive efficiency improved significantly. (4) Facilitate the development and modification of new products. Numerical control processing generally does not need a lot of complex process equipment, through the preparation of processing programs can be the shape of complex and high accuracy requirements of parts processing, when the product is modified, change the design, as long as the change program, without the need to redesign tooling. Therefore, numerical control processing can greatly shorten the product development cycle, for the development of new products, product improvement, modification provides a shortcut. (5) Can be developed to more advanced manufacturing systems. Numerical control machine tool and its processing technology are the foundation of computer aided manufacturing. (6) Large initial investment. This is due to the high cost of CNC machine equipment, the first processing preparation cycle is longer, high maintenance costs caused by factors. (7) High maintenance requirements. CNC machine tools are technology-intensive typical mechatronics products, maintenance personnel need to understand machinery, but also to understand the knowledge of microelectronics maintenance, but also equipped with better maintenance equipment. More information please continue to pay attention to Kunming CNC equipment!



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