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Busbar processing machine leakage protector

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Busbar processing machine leakage protector

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Leakage protector is a kind of current action leakage protection equipment, IT is suitable for power transformer neutral grounding system (TT and TN system), but also suitable for some of the ground capacitance of the larger neutral ungrounded IT system (phase-phase-shock is not applicable). According to Technical Specifications for Safety of Temporary Power Consumption on Construction Site (JGJ46-88), leakage protection devices must be installed for temporary power consumption on construction site. In 2003, Beijing Municipal Construction Commission formulated and implemented the "Beijing Construction Engineering Construction Site Safety protection standard" chapter 9 of temporary electricity safety protection part and put forward the site at all levels of power distribution line step-by-step use of leakage protector requirements, so the correct configuration of leakage protector for safe electricity play a key role.

Busbar processing machine but at present the construction site installation due to the unreasonable configuration of the electric leakage protector, often appear at the end of the level of leakage is not action and the phenomenon of leakage action at the next higher level, make the leakage fault is difficult to find out, will seriously affect the construction progress, some construction unit for this even dismantled the leakage protection devices, the danger to construction safety hidden trouble. Three-phase AC: a power system consisting of three ALTERNATING current circuits with the same frequency, the same potential amplitude, and 120 ° phase difference. Primary equipment: the equipment directly related to the production of electric power and transmission and distribution is called primary equipment. Including all kinds of high voltage circuit breakers, isolating switches, busbars, power cables, voltage transformers, current transformers, reactors, lightning arresters, arc suppression coils, shunt capacitors and high voltage fuses, etc. Secondary equipment: auxiliary equipment that monitors, measures, controls and protects primary equipment. Such as all kinds of relay, signal device, measuring instrument, wave recording device and telemetry, telemetry device and all kinds of control cable, small bus, etc..

High-voltage circuit breaker: also known as high-voltage switch, it can not only cut off or close the no-load current and load current in the high-voltage circuit, but also when the system fails, through the role of relay protection device, cut off the overload current and short-circuit current. Busbar processing machine it has quite perfect arc extinguishing structure and enough flow capacity. The design of magnetic components is an important part of the switching power supply, because the planar transformer has a great advantage in improving the characteristics of the switching power supply, so it has been widely used in recent years.

For an ideal transformer, the flux generated by the primary coil passes through the secondary coil, i.e., there is no flux leakage. However, for ordinary transformers, the flux generated by the primary coil does not pass through the secondary coil, so leakage is generated, and the tight requirements of electromagnetic coupling can not be met. Planar transformers, on the other hand, have only one mesh secondary winding, which, unlike traditional enameled wire, is a piece of copper skin attached to multiple stamped ferrite cores of the same size.

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