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Common electrical faults of copper bar processing machine

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Common electrical faults of copper bar processing machine

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General copper platoon processor obstacle parts to distinguish the categories can be reference to problems, according to the problems found parts can be largely on the part of problems with software, parts caused by problems generally refers to the electronic, circuit, or plug line mouth parts, such as abnormal or damaged, copper platoon processing machine at this time need to check the source of problem, And the replacement and refurbishment of relevant parts can achieve the effect of eliminating stagnation.

And if it is copper platoon processing machine of relevant software appear problem, usually develops in copper platoon processing machine of the PLC control program, this kind of problems need to be more specialized technical personnel to carry out series of modify or change some of the PLC program set, parts production is also attributed to the application problems of software problems, are generally can be repair or adjust the small problems, However, in the event of a specific software failure such as a broken or lost control program, such a situation is detected and the manufacturer at the time of purchase is contacted to resolve it.

Usually in accordance with the basic manual of copper processing machine manipulation, there will be few problems, when the machine itself is unavoidable quality level, but this kind of situation is definitely a minority. In addition to the normal operation of the copper processing machine, it should also be repaired from time to time, so that the service life of the machine becomes longer.

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