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CNC plasma cutting machine gas cutting parts requirements

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  • Time of issue:2014-11-03 00:00

CNC plasma cutting machine gas cutting parts requirements

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  • Time of issue:2014-11-03 00:00

1, CNC plasma cutting machine gas cutting parts of the size must meet the requirements of the process or pattern.

2, cutting surface shall not have cracks, no obvious burning collapse and more than 1.5 mm deep wind ditch and more than 3 mm deep concave and hanging slag to clean up. The inclination deviation of the end face of the steel pipe notch shall not exceed 1% of the outer diameter of the pipe, and shall not exceed 3mm.

Open 3, will start air compressor, air compressor switch, and then with the CNC plasma cutting machine power switch to "on" position, then the power indicator fan starts, then check gas switch to applicants "gas" position, then have spirit from the cutting torch, at the moment the rear panel of the CNC plasma cutting machine to the required pressure relief valve pressure, Switch the air check switch to the "cut" position.

4, CNC plasma cutting machine cutting in the beginning, the edge of the outside edge of the nozzle hole on the workpiece, the press of a cutting torch switch arc starting, after the success of the arc starting, moving at a constant speed cutting torch for regular cutting (movement speed according to different plate thickness and change, such as spark over that move too fast, the artifacts didn't cut through, the movement speed) should be adjusted.

5, when the workpiece will be cut off, the cutting speed should be slowed down (to prevent deformation of the workpiece, workpiece and nozzle collision, resulting in short circuit) loosen the cutting torch switch is completed cutting.

6. When the pressure in the oxygen cylinder is lower than 2MPa, it is not suitable for cutting.

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