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Multi - station bus processing machine knowledge introduction

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  • Time of issue:2014-11-06 00:00

Multi - station bus processing machine knowledge introduction

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  • Time of issue:2014-11-06 00:00

Multi-station bus bar manufacturing machine has washed, cut, fold three processing units, the main function of processing copper, aluminum bus bar of different specification, just use the corresponding processing unit, can be convenient and fast to shear, punching, copper, LvPai fold flat bend, bend, embossing press, pressing, twist twist, cable joint and other different kinds of processing.

Multi-station bus bar manufacturing machine is characterized by shear unit adopts the general double shear, cut flat mouth, no burr, bending cell adopts horizontal machining and enclosed the overall frame structure, make its more even when processing flat curved and embossing, greatly improving the repetitive positioning accuracy when mass production, more safe and convenient in processing, and prolong the service life. The working stroke of each processing unit can be easily adjusted to reduce processing auxiliary time and improve production efficiency. The hydraulic oil tank adopts thick steel plate welding and phosphating treatment, so that the hydraulic oil will not deteriorate after long-term use.

Multi-station bus processing machine is widely used in high and low voltage switchgear, substation, bus slot, bridge, electrical switch, communication equipment, household appliances, shipbuilding, office automation equipment, elevator manufacturing, chassis cabinet manufacturing and other electrical complete set manufacturing industry. Multi-station bus processing machine.

Multi-station bus processing machine knowledge is introduced to you here, I hope our introduction can let you better understand the multi-station bus processing machine, if you have any questions about bus processing machine knowledge, welcome to contact us, we are patient to answer your questions, dedicated to your service!

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