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How to distinguish cost-effective CNC bus processing machine

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How to distinguish cost-effective CNC bus processing machine

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Kunming bus processing machine is a well-known bus processing machine supplier, the company is committed to the production of hydraulic equipment for ten years, then established a set of perfect technology and production and sales process! Thank you all the way through the support of old and new customers. Here to introduce how to choose high quality CNC bus processing machine?

One, the purchase of CNC bus processing machine processing capacity

Must first according to the requirements of the company processed products needed for technology and craft standard, according to the needs of the technological process and production line beat type CNC busbar processing machine, CNC busbar processing machine type on the market there are many kinds of, only selected the correct type can get CNC busbar processing machine to play the best effect, achieve the best performance/cost ratio.

Two, how to buy program-controlled programming

The use of single-chip microcomputer, PLC, or other embedded systems, with an electronic computer in accordance with the pre-programmed procedures to control. Program control technology is used in busbar processing machines, industrial automation production equipment, military equipment and robots and other fields, greatly improving the degree of equipment automation preparation performance can work normally. The choice of manufacturers is ignored so that the equipment has many congenital defects and unreasonable places, in the equipment manual and look at the equipment sample can not be understood, marketers and manufacturers always choose the advantages of the equipment to introduce to customers.

All kinds of original materials and necessary maintenance materials of the equipment

Before did not reach a final agreement, must be the various raw materials and maintenance of the equipment supplied by the supplier information, teach them to fish than teach them to fish, through the understanding of the learning of these data, can to the factory production ability and design ability have a certain understanding, if neglect this aspect of the work, can make the equipment into production after many unnecessary trouble. Because the random data of the program control manufacturer is affected by the design capacity of the production plant, it is generally not very perfect. Some enterprises are more perfect, but they will not provide more complete equipment information and maintenance information to the mainland procurement enterprises.




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