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Busbar processing machine seal ring selection

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  • Time of issue:2014-06-25 00:00

Busbar processing machine seal ring selection

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  • Time of issue:2014-06-25 00:00

The hydraulic system of bus processing machine consists of motor, battery valve, relief valve, and hydraulic cylinder. Each component is important. How do we tell the difference between the core components? Today to share with you under the bus machine hydraulic cylinder!

The hydraulic cylinder plays the role of an executive element in the bus processing machine. The most important part of the oil cylinder is the seal, which directly affects the service life of the oil cylinder. This is also the reason why the price of domestic and imported is so big, and the production process has a great relationship.

1, the cylinder surface is smooth and smooth without burr, to avoid the friction between the sealing ring and the cylinder wall leading to the sealing ring rupture.

2, the use of sealing ring also has a great relationship, the general industry is divided into O-type sealing ring and U-type sealing ring, U-type sealing ring has strong heat resistance, because the oil cylinder movement produces temperature, so it is necessary to choose imported sealing ring with good heat resistance. The hotter the o-ring gets, the colder it cools and the harder it hardens, which in time squeezes and breaks.

Thus, each part of the bus machine is very important, I hope to give you the choice of bus machine friends to provide good advice!



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