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How to buy bus processing machine?

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How to buy bus processing machine?

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  • Time of issue:2013-10-28 00:00

Busbar processing machine is divided into turret busbar processing machine, CNC copper-aluminum busbar processing machine, portable busbar machine, split busbar bending machine mold, etc. The equipment is mainly suitable for high and low voltage switchgear, transformer, industrial furnace and other manufacturing industries, used for processing various specifications of copper and aluminum busbar. As long as the user in the corresponding processing unit, can be respectively busbar punching, cutting, folding processing, high production efficiency. So how to buy bus processing machine? The following xiaobian on bus processing machine guide to buy to share with you the structure characteristics of bus processing machine and control parameters, I hope to bring you some help! Structure features: 1, the machine is equipped with three processing units, through manual or foot switch can be respectively or at the same time of the bus punching, cutting, folding processing. This machine has high production efficiency and easy to use. 2. The working stroke of each processing unit can be easily adjusted to reduce processing time and improve production efficiency. A variety of machining functions can also be realized by changing the die, such as punching round holes, bending, bending, embossing and flattening. 3, the bending unit is closed structure, using horizontal processing mode, to ensure the structural strength of the bending unit. By changing the bending die can complete the workpiece bending, vertical bending, embossing and flattening processing; For bus bending of different thickness, the travel distance can be controlled by adjusting the induction switch of working cylinder, and the corresponding number of displacement travel counter can be used to complete the corresponding bending Angle. 4, punching, shearing processing unit adopts vertical processing mode, the machine is equipped with manual button and foot switch two modes of operation, simple operation, flexible and convenient use, general skilled workers can be easy to use the operation. Parameter comparison :(50 type of bus processing machine processing copper aluminum row widest 250mm thickest 16mm can also be customized according to user needs of various types of bus processing machine); Portable and split-type mainly suitable for field construction, processing capacity up to 150mm, punching up to 12mm thick, shear bending up to 10mm thick. High performance busbar (bus) processing machine. The equipment sets punching, cutting, folding three functions in one, is a busbar (bus) processing special combination machine, the machine is equipped with two worktables, three stations can operate at the same time, do not affect each other, the machine is equipped with positioning ruler, make the workpiece positioning convenient, accurate. It is an indispensable ideal equipment for electrical industry.


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