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The limiting function of voltage transformer of bus processing machine

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  • Time of issue:2013-10-28 00:00

The limiting function of voltage transformer of bus processing machine

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  • Time of issue:2013-10-28 00:00

Bus processing machine in the use of punching completion, the handle can be hit to the oil label position. When using cut and bend bar, the reversing handle can be hit to the position marked with cut and bend bar. After use, remember to hit the handle back to the oil label position. Busbar machine generally provides that the contact resistance of the bolt connection point can not be the same as the resistance of the busbar itself. Since the magnitude and direction of the direct current do not change with time, the constant direct current passes into the primary winding, and the magnetic flux generated in the iron core is also constant, so the potential can not be induced in the secondary winding, so the variable voltage effect is not available. Choose the appropriate pressure according to the size of the copper bar you use. Put it into the mold to test one by one, used for cutting off, punching, flat bending, vertical bending of copper and aluminum busbar row. There is a horizontal working table, and the working table is provided with a fixed mold base, a guided machine base, a hydraulic cylinder and a sliding block which can be pushed by the hydraulic cylinder on the guided machine base. Check whether the socket pins of the busbar system are in good contact with the busbar. Tube bus conductor generally aerial installation after welding, overhead conductor pipe type after using a dedicated tube bus hardware is fixed, because the strength of the joint is reduced after welding, to avoid the overhead in using bent after joint, joint internal liner was used to reinforce, pillar between two empty welding head should not be more than two. To keep the busbar processing machine motor current is not large. Voltage transformer is a special transformer with limited structure and use form. Punching parameters mainly include working part size, installation part size, length size and so on. Tighten the parts and check whether the fastening parts are loose or damaged. The method to be adopted is to replace the parts with the same specifications. Because NTC negative temperature coefficient thermistor has the advantages of stable performance, high sensitivity, good dynamic performance, moderate price, can meet the requirements of bus temperature measurement under high voltage environment, so the bus processing machine NTC negative temperature coefficient thermistor as the preferred sensing element. The larger the transformer capacity is, the greater the impact on the power grid is, and the higher the safety requirement is.


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