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Application of busbar processing machine in large generator

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  • Time of issue:2013-10-25 00:00

Application of busbar processing machine in large generator

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  • Time of issue:2013-10-25 00:00

The cu-al busbar or slot al-cu structure produced by the busbar machine used for common box closed busbar conductor is compact, easy to install, easy to operate and maintain, and the protection grade is IP54, which can basically eliminate the grounding fault caused by external moisture and dust and external objects. The shell of the closed bus conductor is made of aluminum plate, good anti-corrosion performance, and avoid the additional eddy current loss caused by the steel shell, the shell is electrically connected and multi-point grounding, Eliminate the danger of personal electric shock and do not need to set the net bar to simplify the requirements of civil construction according to the user needs to cover the bus heat shrinkable tube in the box to install heaters and breathing apparatus to strengthen the insulation. Transformer is to transform the AC voltage, current and impedance of the device, when the primary coil through the AC current, the iron core (or magnetic core) will generate ac flux, so that the secondary coil induced voltage (or current). Busbar processing machine has three processing units of punching, cutting and folding, which can carry out punching, cutting and bending of busbar processing respectively, and can also choose flattening, embossing, pressing cable joint, button and other special processing. A variety of machining functions can also be realized by changing the mold, such as embossing, pressing, pressing cable joints and knobs and so on. The machine is equipped with casters, which can be easily moved by adjusting the four legs. The scope of use of bus processing machine divided phase closed bus in large power plants is: from the generator outlet terminal, to the main circuit bus of the main transformer low-voltage side lead terminal, the independent asking bus leads to the branch line of the factory with high voltage transformer and voltage transformer, lightning arrester and other equipment cabinet. Easy to use, production efficiency is obviously higher than the traditional busbar processing equipment. The working stroke of each unit can be easily adjusted to reduce processing auxiliary time and improve production efficiency. Nowadays, only technical sales personnel can do a good job in marketing and sales has become the consensus of the leadership of THE FORCE to build NUMERICAL control. "Marketing certainly has its skills, but it pays more attention to the practical application. A marketer who has experienced the development of technology can definitely understand the needs of customers better and give more sensitive and meticulous feedback to the market. Our technical staff also play the role of marketing personnel, who develops who marketing, we develop new technology, new products to be perfectly in line with the market." In multistage busbar connection, under normal operating conditions, paragraphs bus voltage element measurement, protection, measurement, such as the required quantity is this period of busbar voltage transformer, but for some reason to make one paragraph of busbar voltage transformer, need to exit the runtime if the bus with other bus by bus coupler circuit breaker connection (or segment) into the same bus, The voltage transformer of another bus can provide the voltage of the components connected to this bus at the same time, which is voltage switching.


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