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Kunkai special CNC equipment busbar processing automation

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  • Time of issue:2013-10-25 00:00

Kunkai special CNC equipment busbar processing automation

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A few years ago, when the reporter came to Kunming Kunkai special NUMERICAL control Equipment Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Kunkai special NUMERICAL control equipment), the general manager is receiving customers to buy bus processing machine equipment. "Due to the limited production capacity, there is no rest on Sunday, still can not fully meet the market demand, there are many customers waiting to buy equipment." Just sat down, the general manager said with emotion. It is understood that Kunkai special CNC equipment was formerly kunming switch factory staff technical association service department, registered in 2004 with 500,000 yuan capital, officially listed operation in 2005, is a subsidiary of Kunming Switch factory, set product design, manufacturing, sales as one. "The company is in kunming switch factory workers technical assistance service department on the basis of the establishment, engaged in bus processing equipment for more than 20 years of history. The whole series of high, medium and low grade products have won national patents, and are also national high-tech enterprises. The product is the key point of the industry (Xi 'an High voltage Electrical Research Institute) as a high voltage switch industry process breakthrough acceptance of the necessary process equipment. "Said the general manager. According to reports, as early as in 1989, kunkai special CNC equipment predecessor - Kunming switch factory in the country's first introduction of busbar processing equipment, from 10, 50 sets per year... Step forward. Even if it lasted for 10 years, the annual output value reached more than 2 million yuan in 1998. "With the entry of South Korean bus equipment products, the kunming switchgear factory has broken the pattern of dominance, and the market share has declined significantly. To this end, the factory added a large number of manpower, material resources, from the technical innovation breakthrough." At present, kunkai special CNC equipment has been promoted and used in more than 1500 electrical industry factories in 31 provinces and autonomous regions of China, and exported to Vietnam, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh and other neighboring countries, as well as South Africa. This year's output value is expected to reach more than 20 million yuan. At the same time, in order to meet the growing market demand, Kunkai special CNC equipment is also ready to build a new production base. At present, we have visited Ma Jinpu, Yanglin, Fumin and other places. The exact location is still being discussed.



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