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Kunkai special CNC equipment to the Ministry of Science and Technology application innovation fund

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  • Time of issue:2013-10-25 00:00

Kunkai special CNC equipment to the Ministry of Science and Technology application innovation fund

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  • Time of issue:2013-10-25 00:00

Kunming Kunkai Special NUMERICAL Control Equipment Co., LTD. (Kunkai Special NUMERICAL control equipment) applied for the innovation fund for the first time in 2006 and obtained the project approved by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau. In 2007, the same project again obtained the project funded by the Science and Technology Innovation Management Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology. It is understood that in the production of high and low voltage switchgear, often need to blanking, embossing, punching and other processing on the copper and aluminum bus, the traditional bus processing machine due to limited nominal pressure (nominal pressure 30 tons), punching can only single processing (20 tons/single hole); Blanking, embossing can only process small size bus (120X12). Because the busbar punching is generally 4 holes, the use of traditional busbar processing machine needs repeated processing 4 times to complete, the production efficiency is low. General manager of kunkai special NUMERICAL control equipment, kunkai special NUMERICAL control equipment development of "SCJ90 hydraulic bus four hole punching shear machine" is four mode bus processing special equipment, the machine uses turret structure, electrical control part of the photoelectric counting device control, when choosing the required station, turret will automatically switch, locking. The main function can be used for busbar blanking, embodying, punching and other processing, because the equipment adopts 900kN working pressure and four holes a punching processing mode, busbar processing range from 120 mm to 220mm, production efficiency is greatly improved, more suitable for high output, busbar processing large enterprises to use. After being used in Tianjin, Liaoning, Nanjing and other places, the reaction is good. In 2008, kunkai special CNC equipment "SCJ90 turret type hydraulic bus punching and shearing machine" project through the municipal innovation fund acceptance and closure; In 2009, the project was accepted and concluded by the Ministry of Science and Technology. A total of 700,000 yuan innovation fund support. The general manager told the reporter that although the amount of innovation fund is not large, kunkai Special NUMERICAL control used this fund to eliminate part of the old equipment. In May this year, another innovation project has been declared in the municipal innovation fund and is being reported to the Innovation Fund Management Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology.


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