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Numerical control bus processing machine fuse function

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Numerical control bus processing machine fuse function

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Run programmatically before each signal, such as change speed point location, flat layer point location, such as parking brake point location of the pulse number, deposited in the corresponding memory cell, respectively, in the process of elevator running through the rotary encoder testing, software real-time computing the following signals: in the elevator floor location, change speed point location, flat layer point location, In this way, floor count, speed change signal and floor signal are issued. Line failure, patrol personnel can use the alarm display of the indicator, quickly determine the fault section, CNC bus processing machine and find the fault point. At the same time, the fault indicator can achieve real-time detection of the line running status and fault location, such as power supply, power failure, grounding, short circuit, overcurrent and so on. It can greatly improve the reliability of power supply and the satisfaction of users to inform the personnel on duty and the management personnel quickly when the line running status changes and make processing decisions quickly. Information management for line and equipment operation. When the resistors burn out, some surfaces will blow off a piece of skin, others will have no marks, but will never burn black. According to the above characteristics, in the inspection of resistance can be focused on, quickly find out the damaged resistance. The output of pulse encoder is generally A and A, B and B two pairs of differential signals, which can be used for position and speed measurement. A and A, B and B square waves are introduced into PG card, and after direction discrimination and multiplication, they become measurement pulses representing displacement, which are introduced into PLC high-speed counting terminal for position control. This system uses the relative counting method for position measurement. The first two kinds of resistance is the most widely used, the characteristics of the damage is a low resistance (below 100 ω) and high resistance (more than 100 K ω) damage rate is high, the middle resistance (such as hundreds of euros to tens of thousands of euros) very little damage; Second, when low resistance is damaged, it is often scorched and black, and it is easy to find, while there are few traces when high resistance is damaged. Wire wound resistance is generally used for high current limiting and has small resistance. CNC bus processing machine cylindrical wire around the resistance burned out when some will be black or surface crack, crack, and some no trace. Cement resistors are a type of wire wound resistors and may break when burned out, otherwise there is no visible trace.


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