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Method of cleaning bus processing machine

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Method of cleaning bus processing machine

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First, hot oil cleaning method because of the use of a long time, soft dry oil or rust cream hardened bearings, should be immersed in 100-200 ℃ hot oil, with pliers clamped bearing, brush clean bearing oil. Soft dry oil or antirust cream is heated to 100-200℃ melting, very simple from the bearing gap washed out. Sometimes as long as the bearing in the oil repeatedly shake. Oil can also run through the cracks. When cleaning the old bus processing machine motor or imported motor centripetal spherical bearing, you should put the ball, ball frame, inner ring from the outer ring in the lateral turn out and then immersed in hot oil, short cylindrical roller bearing cleaning should also be roller, ball frame, inner ring and outer ring off. In hot oil cleaning, oil temperature should not exceed 20℃. If use open fire direct heating, should pay attention to avoid burning oil, bearing should be suspended in the oil pan, bottom will cause overheating and decrease hardness. Two, the general cleaning method to soak the bearing in hot oil for 5-10 minutes, one hand hold the inner ring, the other hand change the outer ring, the dry oil or antirust cream on the bearing will fall down. Then put the bus processing machine bearing into the cleaner oil, rinse with a delicate and soft brush, wash the oil in the ball and gap, and then clean it in gasoline for 1 time, and put it on clean paper after removal. When cleaning centripetal spherical ball bearings and short cylindrical roller bearings, the ball, ball frame, inner ring and outer ring should be separated and cleaned. Bearing cleaning installed on the shaft of bus processing machine, mainly by dousing oil or oil gun eruption method, simple cleaning off the oil with oil after gasoline; Difficult to clean off the oil, first with 100-200 ℃ hot oil rinsing or oil gun eruption, and then clean with gasoline. We must pay attention not to use sharp things to scrape the bearing: hard oil scale or rust, avoid damage to the bearing rolling body and groove ring part of the smoothness, clean bearing dry with a clean cloth. The above content by the bus processing machine network collection, website, : more exciting please continue to pay attention to!



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