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Lifting and installation of bus processing machine

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Lifting and installation of bus processing machine

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1, lifting: loading and unloading bus machine, should try to use lifting equipment, lifting using wire rope double discharge in the fuselage symmetrical center, wire rope may touch parts should be lined with wood blocks or rubber and other things, so as not to hurt parts and paint. (Note: Do not allow poor protrusions such as hoses, appliances and shields to be squeezed by the cables.) When lifting, the height of the equipment should be lowered as low as possible, so that the crane is placed lightly. 2, installation: the equipment should be installed in no obvious vibration place, can use the concrete structure of the earthquake foundation, the floor should be flat, the equipment should be left around enough space, easy to install, debugging, inspection, maintenance and operation. When the equipment is placed horizontally, iron pads must be used at the four corners of the base, and a level should be placed on the working table for longitudinal and transverse adjustment. After adjustment, the anchor bolts should be tightened. 3. Add hydraulic oil: first open the cover on the left side of the frame, then unscrew the oil inlet cover of the tank, add about 130 liters of N46 # anti-wear hydraulic oil, and the oil level is subject to the oil gauge scale outside the tank. 4, access to power supply: use a three-phase four-wire (62) 380V±10%+PE cable, access to the distribution box [L1, L2, L3, N(secondary line)] on the incoming end of the row. Attention! You must ground the wire! Or face the consequences! 5, test operation inspection: switch on the power supply, the indicator is red, open the console general stop button key, the indicator is green. Then start the buttons of each station. If there is any abnormal sound, check whether the motor is running clockwise. Check whether there is leakage in the hydraulic system, and repair it if there is leakage. The above content by the bus processing machine network collection, website:, more exciting, please continue to pay attention to!



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