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Precautions for safe operation of chiller

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Precautions for safe operation of chiller

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1. The water flow shall remain stable under any load condition. 2. Install a filter at the inlet of water pipes and clean them regularly. 3. After leakage test, all nozzles must be treated with rust prevention. 4. In order to reduce noise and vibration, it is best to install vibration isolators on the pipes. 5. For common applications, the flow rate through the evaporator and condenser is allowed between 1.0-3.6m/s. 6. Select appropriate pipe diameter water pipe, cooling system and cold water system for maximum power operation of the unit, and connect them correctly. 7. Please check whether the machine is damaged during installation and select a suitable place for easy installation and future maintenance. 8. At one end of the unit, space for cleaning the condenser tube bundle should be set aside, or a door or other suitable hole can be used. 9. The installation site of the unit must be the floor, installation pad or foundation, its levelness is within 6.4mm, and can bear the operating weight of the unit. 10. The pipe should be firmly supported independently of the water chiller to avoid stress imposed on the components of the water chiller. The hanger should be set up to facilitate alignment of pipes. 11. The chiller should be placed in the machine room with room temperature of 4.4-43.3℃. There should be enough space around and above the chiller for routine maintenance. 12. Generally speaking, the correct water treatment and regular cleaning of the bundle can maintain its good performance, if the existing water quality conditions can not be improved by appropriate methods, then it is necessary to consider allowing the bundle to have a larger fouling coefficient or specify special structural materials. 13. In order to use the chiller economically and effectively, it is recommended to invite water treatment experts to analyze the water quality of the evaporator and condenser. Poor water quality will cause scaling, affect heat transfer, or produce corrosion precipitation, breed organic matter, affect the performance of the unit, and increase the cost of operation and maintenance. 14. All chilled water and cooling water pipes shall be designed and installed in a conventional manner, and the chilled water pump shall be located on the intake pipe of the unit to ensure positive pressure and flow in the unit. Damping pipe should be set when piping to ensure proper elasticity, but also to prevent the evaporator water from being drained when the pump stops. 15. In order to facilitate routine maintenance work, the customer may adopt some (or all) of the following measures: a) pressure gauges and globe valves with cock-ups may be installed on the inlet and outlet pipes for cooling and chilled water, as close as possible to the chiller; B) Hanging rails and beams can be erected above the equipment for convenient maintenance.


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