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Factors affecting dynamic performance of busbar machining machine

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  • Time of issue:2012-09-05 00:00

Factors affecting dynamic performance of busbar machining machine

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  • Time of issue:2012-09-05 00:00

Do you understand the way of busbar wiring, if you do not understand the busbar processing machine manufacturers together to see it!

(1) busbar - transformer - generator unit wiring.

(2) Bridge wiring. Inner bridge wiring, outer bridge wiring, compound bridge wiring.

(3) Angular wiring (or ring). Triangle connection, quadrangle connection, polygon connection.

(4) Single bus. Single bus, single bus segment, single bus plus bypass and single bus segment plus bypass.

(5) Double bus. Double bus, double bus segment, double bus plus bypass and double bus segment plus bypass.

(6) Three bus. Three bus, three bus segment, three bus segment plus bypass.

(7) 3/2 wiring, 3/2 wiring bus section.

(8) 4/3 wiring.

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