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Mould maintenance and maintenance in bus processing machine

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Mould maintenance and maintenance in bus processing machine

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  • Time of issue:2012-09-04 00:00

Bus processing machineSimple explanation of parameters and their effect on dynamic performance.

Power: power size is the most direct reflection of engine power output, power size affects the vehicle can achieve the highest speed.

Maximum torque: The same as power, is a measure of the power output of the engine. Torque size affects the acceleration and climbing performance of the vehicle.

Acceleration time: The more powerful the vehicle, the bus processing machine can reach the driver's desired speed in the shortest time.

Maximum speed: the vehicle runs on the need to overcome a series of resistance, as the speed increases air resistance will become the biggest enemy to prevent the vehicle from moving forward, in order to achieve higher speed will need to have more power to drive the vehicle.

Specific power: is the ratio of engine power to body weight, the larger the value indicates the stronger the dynamic performance of the vehicle. Two cars of the same weight, the more power, the more dynamic performance. Conversely, the lighter the weight of a car, the more power it has.

Drive mode: As the vehicle accelerates, the center of gravity moves backwards. The adhesion of the front wheel decreases and the adhesion of the rear wheel increases. The power that drives the vehicle forward comes entirely from the friction between the wheels and the ground. So compared with the rear wheel drive vehicle can get greater friction to drive the vehicle forward, and the front wheel drive vehicle due to the drive wheel adhesion is reduced, so the friction will also reduce, affecting the acceleration performance. Of course, a four-wheel drive vehicle that can accelerate on all four tires has an advantage.

Number of gears: the more the number of gears, the more evenly the distribution of engine power, so that the acceleration process is more sustainable and stable, the acceleration time and midway acceleration have a greater impact. Cars, for example, have five-speed transmissions, most sports cars have six-speed transmissions, and a few sports cars and racing cars have seven-speed transmissions.

Electronic speed limit: Some cars limit the maximum speed due to safety concerns, such as Germany's Mercedes, BMW and Audi high-end cars and sports cars limit the maximum speed at 250km/h, bus processing machine There is some potential if the restrictions are lifted, so their top speed numbers do not really reflect their dynamic performance, and this potential is also reflected in their acceleration ability in the middle of the journey. So, we think that two cars with the same top speed, the one with the electronic speed limit, have better power performance.

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