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Numerical control equipment maintenance method

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Numerical control equipment maintenance method

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  Numerical control equipment maintenance is a very complex, high technical content of a job, numerical control equipment and ordinary equipment have a big difference. 1, the use of CNC system self-diagnosis function general CNC system has a relatively complete self-diagnosis system, whether fanuc system or Siemens system, CNC system during power-on initialization or operation can make a certain range of self-diagnosis for itself or interface. Maintenance personnel should be familiar with the system self-diagnosis of various alarm information. According to the manual analysis to determine the fault range, locate the fault components, for imported CNC system can only be located to the board level, the chip level maintenance can generally rely on the CNC system manufacturer after-sales maintenance department. 2, the use of PLC program logic search. Now the general CNC control system with PLC controller, mostly built-in PLC control. Maintenance personnel should analyze the machine control appliances according to the ladder diagram, and intuitively see the STATE of THE CNC system I/O on the CRT. Through the logic analysis of PLC program, imported pump can easily check out the parts of the problem, such as fanUC-OT system self-diagnosis page. According to the PLC ladder diagram of the drawing, analyze and locate the fault of the interface between the machine tool and the CNC system to determine whether the fault part is mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic fault. 3, fully communicate with the operator on the spot the operator is the most close partner of CNC machine tools, operators are also the first discoverer of all kinds of faults. Therefore, when the fault happens, maintenance personnel, generally do not have to rush to begin, first fully communication with operator, carefully ask failure occurs when the machine is working state, forms, consequences, whether wrong operation, fault, such as being able to reproduce this helps maintenance personnel to quickly analyze and judge the cause of the problem. Stay tuned for more information on busbar processors!



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