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The composition and characteristics of numerical control system

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The composition and characteristics of numerical control system

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  At present, there are many kinds of numerical control systems in the world, which have their own characteristics. These structural characteristics come from the basic requirements of the initial design of the system and the idea of engineering design. For example, there are different requirements for point position control system and continuous trajectory control system. For T system and M system, there is also a big difference, the former is suitable for rotary parts processing, the latter is suitable for irregular non-rotary parts processing. For different manufacturers, due to the influence of historical development factors and complex factors that vary from place to place, they may have different design ideas. For example, The American Dynapath system adopts small plate structure, which is convenient for board replacement and flexible combination, while the Japanese FANUC system tends to be large plate structure, which is conducive to the reliability of the system work and promotes the average failure rate of the system to continuously improve. However, no matter what kind of system they are, the basic principles and composition are very similar. The general CNC system consists of three parts, namely control system, servo system and position measurement system. The control system carries on the interpolation operation according to the machining workpiece program, and sends the control instruction to the servo drive system. The servo drive system amplifies the control instructions and drives the machine to move as required by the servo motor. The measurement system detects the position or speed of the machine and feeds back to the control system to correct the control instructions. These three parts are organically combined to form a complete closed-loop numerical control system.



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