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Punching station of bus processing machine

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Punching station of bus processing machine

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Punching station of bus processing machine:

The cutting station is dedicated to busbar punching. Punching station adopts vertical structure, mold support can be used rotary rotary or linear push-pull type.

(1), rotary punching structure, mold design for at least four, more to ten, more mold will have to increase the diameter of the rotary table. The mold is equipped with round hole mold (standard mold), waist hole mold (standard mold), square hole mold (special mold), etc.

The linear punching structure, the mold design is at least 3, more uncertain, the mold is equipped with a round hole die (standard die), waist hole die (standard die), square hole die (special die), etc..

(3) After starting the punching oil pump, the working power is controlled by foot switch, and the stroke is controlled by double induction switch. When running to the lower limit, it automatically returns.

(4) The station is provided with side positioning and end positioning. When working, the positioning device can be adjusted to fix the punching position. When the punching position exceeds the positioning range of the positioning device, the supporting sample punching die can be used for pre-punching and punching. After punching, the upper die automatically returns to its initial position.

⑸, the design structure and use of sample eye punching, the mold steps should be on the side of the busbar; A and B values are replaced according to the size and punching of the bus.

⑹, when replacing the mold, just pull out the punch assembly and the concave die (loosen the concave die set screw), punch, concave die need to be replaced, and then install the required mold.

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