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Hydraulic control principle of bus processing machine

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Hydraulic control principle of bus processing machine

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  • Time of issue:2014-07-29 00:00

According to the electrical complete manufacturing industry for bus processing needs and bus processing simplicity, bus processing machine only needs to meet the bus punching, cutting, bending (flat bending, vertical bending), embossing can be. Punching, cutting, bending three processing stations can be independently, respectively called bus punching machine, bus cutting machine and bus bending machine, can also be integrated in a device called bus processing machine, the working power of each station for hydraulic.

Hydraulic control principle:

1, choose the benefits of hydraulic:

The use of hydraulic pollution, hydraulic oil procurement, easy to replace, working force, adjustable range, safety, low noise. Hydraulic components are easy to purchase, easy to repair and replace.

2, hydraulic control principle:

3. Pressure adjustment methods:

Start the motor of the oil pump, open the pressure gauge switch, step on the back pedal switch, make the cylinder back to the bottom, observe the pressure gauge indication, slowly adjust the relief valve, when the pressure gauge indication to the required scale, lock the handle nut of the relief valve; Turn off the pressure gauge switch.

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