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Busbar processing machine die punch replacement method

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Busbar processing machine die punch replacement method

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Our company is specialized in the production and sales of bus processing machine enterprises, quality quality, good service, is the majority of customers trust us. The following is a brief introduction to the replacement method of busbar processing machine punch.

First you should turn on the power switch. Step on the pedal switch, the unit oil pump starts, and then step on the pedal switch of the punching unit, the punching will move forward, release the pedal switch in the process of moving forward, the punch will stop running, step on the pedal switch again, the punch will continue to move forward, when close to the limit switch, the punch will automatically return to the top dead center. Press the corresponding manual back button of CNC bus machine, the punch will return, release the back button, the punch will stop back.

One, shear, before the shift to a moving part of lubricating oil on the afternoon.

Use the observation hole of the upper and lower tool block to observe the actual shearing position.

Use the ruler slider to block the material, place the bus line on the work table. Determine the shear size, and then press the busbar with the handwheel to prevent the data from warping and damaging the mold.

Two, punching, before the shift to a sports part of lubricating oil in the afternoon.

Punching processing should ensure that the processing data adhere to the level.

It is necessary to choose supporting molds. When punching, remember not to mix the upper and lower molds with different inner diameters. When processing long holes, the upper and lower molds must be in the same direction, otherwise the molds will be damaged.

Service is the basic of our production, quality is the trump card of our development. Look forward to new and old customers visit, we will serve you wholeheartedly.



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