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CNC bus processing machine

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CNC bus processing machine

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Digital control bus processing machine

1, bus processing machine with the above common models of all unique places, but also has the following strength:

A, bending unit thinks appropriate and uses the digital control form, the user will row thickness and bending Angle input system, semi-automatic inner culvert number calculation, the system semi-automatic generated value for bending processing, through the grating ruler very accurate choke stroke; And it can choke the operation of punching and shearing units.

B. The operator can store the on-site numerical replenishment of office parts into the system at any time, with the function of parameter debugging and repayment;

2, the operation of the display screen that is suitable and the use of 5.7 inch touch screen, color screen exposure touch type, can not be suitable for the correction of the value, if the customer thinks appropriate and use is not a standard piece, you can also according to the requirements of non-standard pieces to set their own value for processing, the operation is very convenient.




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