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Copper processing machine technology research and development design

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Copper processing machine technology research and development design

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High and low voltage switchgear and transmission and transformation equipment are indispensable power distribution facilities in the electric power industry and manufacturing industry. Copper bars are required for the transmission and distribution of large current between distribution devices. Copper bars are long conductors with rectangular or chamfered rectangular sections. They transport current and connect electrical equipment in the circuit. Generally, copper bars are used in U, V, AND W bus bars and PE bus bars in a power distribution cabinet. The processing quality of copper bar directly affects the accuracy of wire installation and even the quality and function of circuit transmission. Therefore, the research and design of copper bar processing equipment has important practical production significance.

Copper bar processing machine is generally composed of punching, bending and cutting three work stations, using hydraulic drive, PLC to achieve the control of each process, can automatically complete the punching, embossing, bending and cutting process of copper bar, is a high-efficiency small machine tool for large batch processing bus bar in the electrical industry. As one of the three main work station shear work station, its function is to cut the width of 20 ~ 140mm, 3 ~ 15mm thick copper bar and ensure the smoothness of the incision and the verticality of the section, the work station is the focus and difficulty in the design of copper bar processing machine.

1. Disadvantages of the existing shear work station design The function of the shear work station is mainly to complete the cutting process of copper bar. The requirement of the shear quality in this design is to ensure the smooth cutting section and high verticality.

The investigation found that most of the existing copper bar processing machine shear work station design to take the general dislocation cutting technology, the results of the incision is often not smooth, and the vertical degree of the upper and lower planes of the copper bar is not enough, the shear accuracy is poor. Part of the structure of the die frame for installing the cutting tool adopts the "U" frame structure, which has the defects of uneven force and easy deformation after long-term use, so as to ensure the shear accuracy.

Therefore, in this paper, in order to solve the shortcomings of the above several aspects in the design of copper bar processing machine shear work station, respectively from the shear method, tool structure, die structure and other aspects of the start to do a significant improvement.

2, copper strip processing machine shear work station design

2.1 Shearing technology The current shearing technology is divided into dislocation shearing and punching shearing.

2.1.1 Dislocation cutting Most copper strip processing machine shear work station used by the shear mode, belongs to dislocation cutting. In this way, the design of mold manufacturing is simple, the cutting method is simple, and it is easy for users to understand, operate and maintain. But the copper bar incision is often not smooth, smooth incision area is small, the incision tilt, can not meet the requirements of use.

2.1.2 Punching and shearing After investigation and analysis of relevant data, this design adopts punching and shearing method. This processing method is more similar to punching than shearing, but the shape of punching is a very narrow rectangle, is a closed shearing. When punching and shearing, because both sides of the cutting edge of the tool are in contact with the copper row, both sides of the force is symmetrical, so the uniformity and quality of the cut of the copper row processed is better than the former.




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