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Busbar processing machine each unit function

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Busbar processing machine each unit function

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Most types of bus processing machines are made up of hydraulic punching machines, hydraulic cutting machines, bus embossing machines and worktables.

The role of hydraulic punching machine:

1. Separate hydraulic punching machine is suitable for L, H plate copper, copper plate aluminum row punching.

2. The bottom is designed with a flat seat, which is stable and not allowed to sway backward.

3. Single hole oil return, the mould is made of high carbon tungsten alloy steel, which can not be damaged.

4. Specially used for drilling Angle iron, flat iron, copper plate and other metal plates, especially suitable for electric power, construction and other industries in the field site operation.

The role of hydraulic cutting and discharging machine:

1. This product is suitable for switch box, distribution panel automatic control panel wiring engineering.

2. The split design is convenient to carry and easy to maintain.

3. The blade is made of high-strength tool steel, which is strong and durable after adjusting heat treatment. The surface is blackened to prevent rust.

4. Scientific blade design, smooth section.

5 split type design without pump factory.

The function of bus embossing machine:

Used for flattening and embossing the connection of copper-aluminum busbar to enhance electric conductivity and prolong maintenance period.

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