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CNC bus processing machine technical indicators

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  • Time of issue:2014-04-14 00:00

CNC bus processing machine technical indicators

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  • Time of issue:2014-04-14 00:00

Numerical control busbar processing to safe and efficient operation, the technical parameters must be guaranteed in the standard range. As a CNC bus processing machine with many years of experience in the enterprise, the following bus processing machine for you to introduce the technical indicators of CNC bus processing:

1, punching pressure 500KN

2, punching range φ4.3 ~ φ25

3. The maximum machining thickness is 150mm*12mm

4, shear 150mm*12mm

5, the maximum shear width 150mm*12mm

6, maximum shear pressure 300KN

7, bending KN: maximum bending width 150mm, maximum bending thickness 12mm, maximum vertical bending width 80

8, dimensions (length × width × height)1400×1000×1100

9, main motor power 3*4KW

10, machine weight 1.5T

11, table size 1230×900

12. Maximum pressure 31.5

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