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Bus processing machine maintenance matters needing attention

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Bus processing machine maintenance matters needing attention

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  • Time of issue:2014-04-14 00:00

My company is a main bus processing machine company, over the years with high-quality service, high-quality products, won the support of the majority of customers, the following bus processing machine xiaobian to introduce you to the maintenance of bus processing machine notes:

1 bus processing machine punching, cutting, bending three units of the moving parts, before the shift need to lubricate oil, each shift once;

2. The work surface and each unit shall be oiled and maintained before coming off work;

3. The punching mould shall be lubricated once every 50 times;

4. The shearing mold shall be lubricated once every 50 times;

5. The bending mold shall be lubricated once for 50 times;

6. Pay attention to whether the fixing bolts of each unit and the bolts at the bottom of the cylinder are tightened;

7. Check the oil tank every 3 months to observe whether the amount of oil needs to be filled; Hydraulic oil should be added when the liquid level is lower than or reaches the red line of the oil mark;

8 bus processing machine every 6 months or in the use of 5000~20000 hours after the characteristics of 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil will change, and will tend to solidify (become thick). Usually change the oil when it has been used for 5000 hours or the color of the oil turns brown and black.

The above information is provided by bus processing machine, please continue to pay attention to more exciting!



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