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CNC machining bus has those characteristics

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CNC machining bus has those characteristics

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1, the machine is equipped with punching, cutting, folding three processing units, through the operation screen or foot switch can be respectively or at the same time of the bus punching, cutting, folding processing. This machine has high production efficiency and easy to use.

2. The working stroke of each processing unit can be easily adjusted, so processing time can be reduced and production efficiency can be improved. A variety of machining functions can also be realized by changing the die, such as punching round holes, bending, bending, embossing and flattening.

3, bending unit adopts NUMERICAL control mode, and has memory function;

4. The user can input the processing data in advance, and the system can call out the data for processing according to the input information;

5, the processed workpiece field data can be stored in the system at any time, and out for repeated use.

6. If the input point of the NUMERICAL control system is damaged, it can be connected to another standby input point to continue to use.

7, the display screen adopts large screen (7 inches) color screen display touch type, with password protection function, can modify the unqualified data, if the customer is not using standard workpiece, can also according to the requirements of non-standard workpiece to set their own data processing, the operation is very convenient.




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