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Application of automation equipment in modern science and technology

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Application of automation equipment in modern science and technology

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The application of automation is expanding from engineering to non-engineering fields, such as medical automation, population control, economic management automation and so on. Automation will imitate human intelligence to a greater extent. Robots have been applied in industrial production, ocean development and space exploration, and expert systems have achieved remarkable results in medical diagnosis and geological exploration. The factory automation, office automation, home automation and agricultural automation of feeder will become the important content of the new technological revolution, and get rapid development. Feeder is specially used for conveying granular material, powder material and flake material. The product is also widely used. In today's society, more and more industries will adopt mechanized transportation. This automatic feeder has a high degree of accuracy, and is environmentally friendly, time-saving, but also greatly reduces labor intensity. The real low cost, high return. In this era of rapid development, this kind of automation products will be favored by more and more manufacturers and like! Automatic feed cutting machine is a kind of cutting machine. It adopts four-column double oil cylinder structure to reach high tonnage cutting and save energy consumption. On the basis of precision four-column cutting machine, single or double-sided automatic feeding device is added, which improves the efficiency and safety of the machine, and increases the production efficiency of the whole machine by two to three times. Automatic feeding cutting machine is suitable for cutting leather, rubber, plastic, paperboard, cloth, foam, nylon, artificial leather, PVC board and other materials in leather processing, clothing industry, shoe industry, luggage industry, packaging industry, toy industry, stationery industry and automobile industry. The development of modern production and science and technology has put forward higher and higher requirements for automation technology, and also provided necessary conditions for the innovation of automation technology. After the 1970s, automation began to complex electrical automation system control and advanced intelligent control development, feeder and widely used in national defense, scientific research and economic and other fields, to achieve a larger scale of automation, For example, integrated automation system of large enterprises, national railway automatic dispatching system, national power network automatic dispatching system, air traffic control system, urban traffic control system, automatic command system, national economic management system, etc. The above content is provided by Kunming Kunkai Special CNC equipment Limited liability Company search, more exciting please pay attention to!



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