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Technical comparison of CNC equipment at home and abroad

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  • Time of issue:2014-03-04 00:00

Technical comparison of CNC equipment at home and abroad

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  • Time of issue:2014-03-04 00:00

Domestic CNC equipment PK foreign CNC equipment. China's high-end CNC machine tools are mostly assembled through secondary development, the machine itself is basically done by themselves, but the key functional components are purchased from abroad. This dilemma is the reality of China's high-end CNC machine tools: the development speed is indeed very fast, but more than 95% are occupied by foreign brands, especially the key technology, core technology highly dependent on foreign countries. "Domestic machine tools in the repeated positioning accuracy, certainly can't compare with foreign, there is no doubt about it." China Machine Tool industry Association an expert said. In the past 5 years, the annual compound growth rate of China's CNC machine tool output is 37.39%. Driven by related industries, the annual growth rate of China's CNC machine tool will exceed 10% in the future. By 2015, the national CNC system demand will reach 400,000 sets. The above content is provided by kunming CNC equipment search, more exciting please pay attention to!



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