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Multifunctional bus processing machine requirements

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Multifunctional bus processing machine requirements

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The temperature data of multi-functional bus processing machine can be transmitted to the measuring instrument at low potential through infrared light wave or radio wave. Because there may be several measurement points, the measured data is accompanied by address identification codes for easy manipulation. The disadvantage of infrared data transmission is that light wave transmission requires space without obstacles and short transmission distance, usually only 3m to 5m. The design has copper chip integrated bag and chip opening mouth, slide type can be cut, wear copper chip collection, not scattered everywhere and messy. All the appearance of bright color, the appearance of paint, and phosphoric acid leather anti-rust treatment, wear-resistant impact. The plate seat can be directly adjusted by hand, which can be used for long and short size standard, and can be controlled uniformly. Directional valve control switch accurate guidance, correct use of punching machine, bending plate things, blocking things position. Safe and firm foot switch, can control the oil. The control system and the controlled target can be separated to discuss and produce, and it is necessary to deal with as a whole, discuss the dynamics question in the high-speed state, as well as the delay influence of light and electrical signals under the condition of ultra-high-speed motion control and eliminate the question. Outfit, debugging (to) mode, adjust the blade gap or open mold, it is necessary to know the machine's personnel shall be carried out in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the machine in normal operation, do not handle or part of the body in between the upper and lower die (blade), to avoid attack accident all sundry and things don't put on the stage, avoid rolling into the mold or blade and cause accidents, because the machine can be operation, So it is necessary to have someone who's in charge of directing production must be according to the thickness of the copper platoon (or LvPai) choose good shear blades and die gap and bending radius must stop when mould replacement, to avoid risk in the operation, with artifacts wait it necessary to be careful the slider downwards should regularly check the blade and the die sharp edge, such as find dull edge, Should be repaired or replaced in time. In the case of high speed, it is necessary to study the CNC system and control target as one of the whole linkage, according to the nonlinear control strategy of the whole power point, intelligent control methods. The bending unit adopts a closed whole frame structure, which makes it more uniform in the processing of flat bending and embossing, greatly improving the repeated positioning accuracy in mass production, and prolonging the service life. Bending unit adopts horizontal processing, which is safer and more convenient during processing. The three working stations of the machine can work together, do not affect each other, greatly improve the working power of each processing unit can be conveniently adjusted to reduce the processing auxiliary time, improve the output power hydraulic oil tank selection of thick steel plate welding, and made phosphating disposal, so that the long-term use of hydraulic oil will not deteriorate. The tension of the existing domestic or imported foil coil winding machine is produced by mechanical conflict, the tension is not stable, it will cause the coil tightness is not uniform, the DC resistance between the coils is inconsistent, the outer diameter of the coil is super poor and other shortcomings. The greater the capacity of the transformer used today, the greater the impact on the power grid, the demand for its security is becoming higher and higher. Multi-functional bus processing machine to use steel pipe as the hanger of lamps and lanterns, the inner diameter of steel pipe should not be less than 10 mm, the thickness of steel pipe wall should not be less than 1.5 mm; The center line error of the lamps and lanterns with rows of equipment in the same room or place should not be greater than 5 mm; Three-phase transformer selection suitable transformer winding machine equipment is the key to produce high function transformer, foil coil winding machine is winding low voltage foil coil key equipment. Tension control and foil strip deviation correction are the key technologies of foil coil winding machine. The production quality of the transformer requires not only reliable electrical function, but also mechanical stability and short circuit resistance. The first table of stability coil production process control, that is, the need for high and low voltage coil electromagnetic balance, tight and uniform distribution between the axial turns. Therefore, the coil winding process needs axial compression, radial compression, vertical winding machine just use the weight of the cake, axial natural compression, radial use of tension equipment to control the size of tension.



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