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Influence the precision of CNC bus processing machine

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  • Time of issue:2012-08-28 00:00

Influence the precision of CNC bus processing machine

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  • Time of issue:2012-08-28 00:00

Bus processing machineResidual current circuit breaker in use show the operation of the important contributions, in strict accordance with the principle and the use of the way to control and use, the protection of important contribution and value, but in use may produce refusing action and error action, need according to the actual conditions and standards for the use of residual current circuit breaker rejection action is the main reason has the following kinds:

In THE TN-C-S system, the PE line and THE N line will be connected incorrectly because of the circuit installation personnel; In the lighting and power of the three-phase four-wire system circuit, the wrong choice of three-pole leakage circuit breaker, the load of the zero line directly in the power side of the protector and cause the wrong action; There are high power electrical appliances near the leakage protector of bus machine, when the electrical opening and closing electromagnetic interference will cause false action; The three-phase power line passing through the three-phase leakage protector does not pass through the zero-sequence transformer in the same direction, resulting in misoperation; In the installation and use, because the leakage circuit breaker sensitivity is too high, it will also misoperate. The insulation resistance of the phase line and the zero line of the leakage circuit breaker is too low, and part of the electricity flows through the leakage place to leak the earth, so that the current vector sum of the zero sequence current transformer is not zero when the circuit is normal and causes the wrong action; When the PE line of the electrical equipment shell is connected with the neutral line, it causes misoperation.

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