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Busbar processing machine common trouble shooting

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  • Time of issue:2012-08-24 00:00

Busbar processing machine common trouble shooting

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  • Time of issue:2012-08-24 00:00

Bus processing machineThere may be three reasons for the accuracy of CNC bus processing machine:

(1) error caused by the residual stress of the workpiece residual stress refers to the stress still remaining in the workpiece after the external load is removed.

(2) the uniqueness of the error generated by CNC machine bus machine CNC machine tool and ordinary machine tools are the most important difference between two points: one is the CNC machine tool has a "command system "- CNC system; Second, CNC machine tools with the implementation of the movement of the drive system - servo system.

(3) the process measures to improve the processing accuracy and improve the processing accuracy of the method, can be roughly summarized as the following: reducing the original error method, compensation of the original error method, transfer of the original error method, equalizing the original error method, the original error method.

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