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What is the role of bus short-circuit calculation

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What is the role of bus short-circuit calculation

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  • Time of issue:2012-09-06 00:00

Copper bar processing machineThe role of short circuit calculation is to check the mechanical stability and thermal stability of electrical equipment; The blocking capacity of the check switch; Determine the fixed value of relay protection and safety automatic device; Provide basis for system design and selection of main electrical wiring; Conduct failure analysis; Determine the electromagnetic interference of transmission lines to adjacent communication lines. The commonly used calculation method is impedance matrix method, and using the principle of superposition, make the network state after short-circuit = the network state before short-circuit The voltage value of each node fault component can be obtained by adding an electric potential equal to and opposite to the node voltage before the fault at the short-circuit point, and the node voltage value after the short-circuit fault can be obtained by adding the node voltage before the fault.   

Then, the current through each branch of short circuit fault can be obtained. Hoisting technology of bus machine Tube bus Hoisting technical measures Preparation for hoisting Pipe bus shall be welded according to the actual length required. Transport the tube bus to the installation position below, and put a tie under the tube bus to prevent scratching the tube bus. The top horizontal error and axis deviation of each insulator in the same horizontal plane should not be more than 5mm. Check that the surface of the pipe and the fittings are smooth and without damage. The fittings should have no cracks and corrosion, and the anti-loose accessories are complete. Hoisting (suspension type tube bus hoisting) connect the tube bus and the fittings together, install the pressure equalizing ring, the pressure equalizing ring is uniform and symmetrical, pay attention to the reinforcement of the tube bus welding spot should be on the upper and lower side, not on the side. Hang a pulley at the round pipe above each beam that is to be hoisted to the hanging point of suspended insulators. Attach four steel cables to the U-shaped ring of the insulator string respectively, pass through the pulley, connect the steel cables on the same side together, and then connect another steel wire rope and connect it with the power grinding mill.

When hoisting, two grinding mills should start at the same time, and coordinate lifting. Try to keep the pipe mother in a flat position during lifting. If there is an isolation switch at the bottom of the pipe, two twine ropes should be tied at the connection between the insulator string and the pipe, and the pipe should be tilt-pulled to avoid the isolation switch. After connecting four strings of insulator strings, measure the height of the tube mother from the ground. If it does not meet the requirements, adjust the flower basket screws to meet the requirements. When hoisting, a special person shall be designated to direct the hoisting, and the operation shall be consistent. Four strings of insulator strings shall be lifted at the same time. The commander shall use whistles and flags to direct the construction personnel to make clear the command signal. Check the safety of pulley and wire rope before hoisting. No one shall stand under the pipe and inside the rope corner during hoisting. Workers working at high altitude must wear safety helmet, safety belt and soft soled shoes to prevent falling objects and falling from high altitude. Stress points should be evenly distributed during transportation to prevent pipe deformation. Motor grinding should be operated by experienced workers, the operator should pay attention to the commander's signal in time to stop and rise in the process of lifting. If the equipment support is needed for ground cattle, the equipment support must be protected with gunny bags to prevent zinc sharpening.

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