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Main method of detecting bus processing machine temperature

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Main method of detecting bus processing machine temperature

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  • Time of issue:2012-08-24 00:00

Bus processing machinePrecision is to meet the needs of high-tech development, but also to improve the performance, quality and reliability of ordinary mechanical and electrical products, reduce the workload of assembly to improve assembly efficiency. Busbar processing machine the emergence of new materials and new components, such as higher accuracy requirement put forward need to be super precision processing technology, development of new super precision busbar processing machine, improve the modern ultra-precision machining technology, so as to adapt to the development of modern science and technology, ultra-precision processing includes ultra precision cutting, super precision grinding and super precision grinding and polishing and super precision special processing.

With the development of modern science and technology, new requirements for ultra-precision machining technology have been put forward. From precision machining to ultra precision machining is the direction of development of the world's industrial powers. Busbar processing machine precision from micron level to sub-micron level, and even nano level, its application is increasingly extensive. The busbar is at high potential, and there are few instruments for measuring high voltage busbar and electric contact heating in China. The main method of temperature monitoring is to coat the electric contact surface with a layer of luminescent material that changes with the temperature, and determine the temperature range roughly by observing its color change. This method has low accuracy and poor reliability, and cannot be quantitatively measured. According to the characteristics of temperature measurement in high voltage operating environment, bus processing machine bus and electric contact temperature measuring device to take temperature measurement, data remote ground, by computer processing method.

The temperature sensor is powered by floating rechargeable battery, which reduces the electrical connection between high and low voltage. It works in full digital mode, with strong anti-interference ability, high precision and small size. After comprehensive testing, the system works stably and reliably, and can meet the requirements of high pressure bus temperature measurement. In the high voltage bus temperature measuring device, the temperature sensing part is separated from the data processing part. Temperature data can be transmitted by infrared light or radio waves to a measuring instrument at low potential. Since there may be several measuring points, the measured data is accompanied by address identification codes for easy control. The disadvantage of infrared data transmission is that light wave transmission requires space without obstacles and short transmission distance, generally only 3m to 5m. Clamping is an important part of workpiece clamping process. Will not be due to the cutting force, workpiece gravity, CNC lathe centrifugal force or inertia force, such as the role of position change and vibration, to ensure processing accuracy and safe operation. After the workpiece positioning must be through a certain mechanism to produce clamping force, the workpiece is pressed on the positioning element, so that it maintains an accurate positioning position, this kind of mechanism to produce clamping force is called clamping device.Bus processing machineClamping device clamping process is reliable, does not change the workpiece positioning after the correct position occupied. Good structure, clamping device structure is simple, compact, easy to manufacture and maintenance. The size of the clamping force should be appropriate to ensure that the position of the workpiece in the processing process is stable and small vibration, but also to make the workpiece will not produce too large clamping deformation.

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