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Daily maintenance of busbar bending machine

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Daily maintenance of busbar bending machine

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  • Time of issue:2012-08-18 00:00

Bus bending machineThe damage of punch and punching sleeve is generally replaced with parts of the same specification. The parameters of busbar bending machine punch mainly include working size, installation part, length size and so on. After a long time of use, the cutting edge of the bus bending machine must be grinded. After grinding, the cutting edge should be demagnetized. Magnetic treatment cannot be carried out, otherwise it is easy to block the material. Spring elastic parts in use process such as spring the most easily damaged, usually appear fracture and deformation phenomenon, way is to change, busbar bending machine in the process of replacement must pay attention to the specification and type spring, spring specifications and types identified by color, diameter and length of the three, only under the condition of the three are the same can be replaced. The punching head of bus bending machine is easy to break, bend and gnawed during the use of the die, and the punching sleeve is generally gnawed. Fastening parts, check whether fastening parts loose, damage phenomenon, hydraulic bus bending machine to take the way is to find the same specifications of parts for replacement. Busbar bending machine pressure parts such as pressure plate, super glue, unloading parts such as stripper board, pneumatic top material, etc.

Bus bending machineMaintenance check the parts of the parts concerned and whether there is damage, repair the damaged part, bus bending machine pneumatic top material check whether there is leakage phenomenon, and take measures to the specific situation. If the busbar bending machine is damaged to replace, according to the busbar bending machine working current to choose the correct busbar rated current, rated current size should be selected according to the manufacturer's busbar product standard current level, in the busbar system is generally composed of the following units: Bus bending machine feeder bus (without socket) or plug type bus (with socket) direct section unit; According to the number of conductors, three-phase four-wire system and three-phase five-wire system are configured (independent PE bar is added, and some manufacturers provide aluminum alloy shell as the overall grounding PE form). Bus bending machine and transformer, power distribution cabinet and other equipment interface into (out) line unit; Reversing unit has L type unit, T type unit, Z type unit; Expansion unit has expansion section bus unit; The plug unit has a plug ring unit. All units of the busbar bending machine are usually designed by the busbar slot manufacturer. Non-standard design can also be adopted after on-site measurement according to the engineering needs, in order to meet the needs of users and installation.

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