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What processing units are Kunkai CNC bus processing machines divided into?

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What processing units are Kunkai CNC bus processing machines divided into?

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  • Time of issue:2016-04-08 00:00

Kunming processing machine network Kunkai CNC bus processing machine has three processing units, the following editor will introduce it to you in detail. Before using the busbar processing machine, you should check whether the plug and power cord are normal, turn on the power supply, and turn on the power switch (green on/red off). There is no need to close the switch when it is working normally, and please cut off the power when it is not working. Kunkai busbar processing machine has three processing units: punching, shearing and folding. The main function is to process copper and aluminum busbars of different standards. Just use the corresponding processing unit to conveniently and conveniently cut copper and aluminum bars. Cutting, punching (round hole, waist hole), folding flat bending, vertical bending, embossing, flattening, twisting twist, pressing cable joints are all kinds of processing. The temperature data of the multi-function busbar processing machine can be transmitted to the low-potential measuring instrument through infrared light waves or radio waves. Because there may be several measurement points, for ease of control, the measured data has an address identification code. The disadvantage of infrared data transmission is that light wave transmission requires space without obstacles, and the transmission interval is short, usually only 3m~5m. It is designed with integrated bag for copper chips and a chip outlet, and the slide type can collect the cut and worn copper chips, so that it will not be scattered everywhere and become messy. The overall appearance is bright in color, and the surface is painted and treated with phosphoric acid skin mold for anti-rust treatment, which is wear-resistant and impact-resistant. The board seat can be adjusted directly by hand, which can be used for long and short scale standards, and the same control standard. The position valve control switch accurately guides the correct use of the punching machine, the curved plate tool, and the position of the blocking tool. Safe and sturdy foot switch, which can control oil intake and return. The control system and the controlled object can be studied and manufactured separately, but it is necessary to deal with it as a whole to study its dynamic problems at high speed, as well as the influence of light and electrical signal time delay under ultra-high-speed motion control conditions. It removes the doubt. Jinan Beqi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has unique experience in the production of busbar processing machines. In the case of high speed, it is necessary to study the overall linkage that integrates the numerical control system and the control object, the nonlinear control strategy based on the overall dynamic point, and the intelligent control method. The bending unit adopts horizontal processing, which is safer and more convenient during processing. Kunming processing machine network Kunkai CNC bus processing machine is widely used in high and low voltage switch cabinets, substations, bus ducts, bridges, electrical switches, communication equipment, household appliances, shipbuilding, office automation equipment, elevator manufacturing, chassis cabinet manufacturing and other electrical complete sets Manufacturing Occupation. The busbar processing machine is a matching equipment designed with reference to foreign leading products and domestic practice to improve work efficiency and ensure work safety. It is most suitable for manufacturing large-scale electric control boxes and construction sites of power transmission and distribution construction projects.



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