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Maintenance and maintenance of cooling units

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Maintenance and maintenance of cooling units

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  Cooling device is a very important part of CNC machine tools, good cooling can improve the processing quality of the workpiece machine tool parts life. In general, the daily maintenance of the cooling device is mainly the supply of coolant, replacement and cleaning of the filter device. So when should the cooling unit be maintained? Observe the oil mark on the front of the water tank, when the cooling water is reduced, it should be added in time. Under normal circumstances, the outlet water around the spindle should be configured to at least make the oil filter at the inlet of the cooling pump completely into the water. When the cooling water pollution deteriorates, it should be replaced in time, remove the screw plug below the water tank to discharge the waste liquid, clean the water tank and then tank into the new, clean coolant. The cooling water tank is divided into two cavities: water tank and pump box. When the filter needs cleaning, it is easy to put forward, and it is very convenient to clean. In addition, there is an oil filter at the entrance of the cooling pump. Under normal circumstances, every two months to clean the oil filter, filter. Mechanical maintenance is different but there are a lot of common ground, so the maintenance of CNC machine tools is also very important.


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