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Bus processing machine use matters needing attention

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Bus processing machine use matters needing attention

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In all kinds of machinery industry sediment portable bus processing machine is also widely used. By our extensive waiting, we are not found in the use of high energy consumption, the reason is not the equipment to add unnecessary accessories, is the unreasonable pipeline equipment, and then reduce the power of the sediment pump, resulting in unnecessary energy thrown away. Numerical control system questions can no longer be reduced to a simple line of how much action or statics questions. As a dynamic target, the new type of wire rack control is not to "follow" the transformation of the main axis of the applied coil line control, but to show its "flexible foresight and intelligence"; On the other hand, it is necessary to fully take into account the dynamic characteristics of the manipulated target to achieve the desired control effect.

Therefore, now can not like the traditional NUMERICAL control system, can control the system and the controlled target separately to discuss and produce, and it is necessary to deal with as a whole, discuss the dynamics of the high-speed condition of the question, as well as ultra-high-speed motion control conditions of light, electrical delay influence and eliminate the question. In the case of high speed, it is necessary to study the CNC system and control target as one of the whole linkage, according to the nonlinear control strategy of the whole dynamic point, intelligent control methods.

Identification, Analysis and Control Optimization of Mechanical and electrical Characteristics The center of high-speed control is to achieve high acceleration, so it is necessary to make the servo mechanism in the best working condition, and then obtain the maximum motion acceleration of the system. Bus processing machine according to the system of all the acceleration control curve selection, servo mechanical and electrical parameters identification optimization, multi-axis gain harmonious control is the winding machine pro nc research hot. High-speed and high-precision interpolation is to decompose the chaotic motion track of automatic winding machine into servo control instructions according to the control rules. Winding highly disorderly coil, winding program consists of a lot of fine adjustment procedures, winding machine high-speed operation in addition to ensure that the micro program is performed, but also according to the change of the spindle timely guess coil at that time, to complete the high acceleration operation requirements.

This requires in-depth research on high speed, high precision interpolation, high speed pre-disposal, acceleration and deceleration control of micro program, advanced azimuth prediction, direct interpolation of chaotic track and high speed data transmission. For the principle and method of high speed and high precision coil winding nc programming, the traditional NC programming deals with the problem that the wire rack moves along the axis in the medium and low speed movement, but the high-speed winding program has put forward a higher demand on the principle and method of NC programming.



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