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About bus processing oil temperature

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About bus processing oil temperature

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Bus processing machineThe oil temperature fault is caused by the bus processing oil temperature indicator is the top oil temperature of the transformer, the oil temperature monitoring point in operation is 85℃, temperature rise refers to the top oil temperature of the transformer minus the ambient temperature, in operation of the transformer outside temperature of 40℃, the temperature rise shall not exceed 55℃, in operation to the top oil temperature prevail, the temperature rise is the reference data. If the transformer under the same conditions (environmental temperature, load, oil level, etc.), the oil temperature is 10℃ higher than usual or the load is unchanged but the temperature is rising, and the cooling device is in normal operation, it is considered that the transformer has internal failure (should pay attention to whether the thermometer error or failure).
The temperature rise standard of transformer in China is based on the ambient temperature of 40℃, so the top oil temperature of transformer shall not exceed 40℃+55℃=95℃. If the top oil temperature exceeds 95℃, the temperature of the internal coil will exceed the heat resistance strength of the coil insulation. In order to make the insulation not aging too fast, the monitoring of the top oil temperature of the transformer should be controlled below 85℃. Internal cause of transformer temperature anomaly temperature anomaly caused by the failures of the transformer internal fault such as turn-to-turn short circuit or short circuit between the layers, coil for folding screen discharge, internal fever, joint lead core multipoint earthing increased eddy current overheat, unbalanced zero sequence current and magnetic flux leakage form with iron tank circuit and fever caused by factors such as the transformer temperature anomalies, or differential protection will also be accompanied by gas Action, serious fault may also make explosion-proof tube or pressure release valve oil injection, then the transformer should be stopped checking. Abnormal temperature is caused by abnormal operation or failure of the cooler, such as shutdown of the submersible oil pump, damage of the fan, scaling of the heat dissipation pipe, poor cooling efficiency, and failure of the radiator valve. The cooling system should be maintained and flushed in time or a backup cooler should be put in place, otherwise transformer load should be adjusted. If the temperature indicator has error or malfunction, the thermometer should be replaced.



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