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Numerical control turret punch code for safety brick tower punch

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  • Time of issue:2014-07-29 00:00

Numerical control turret punch code for safety brick tower punch

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  • Time of issue:2014-07-29 00:00

Do not blame small did not remind you, in many cases formal because of its very fast speed, this is in many places to strict requirements of CNC turret punch, many processes or in accordance with the rigorous procedures.

1, exposed in some of the external components, this time in order to protect its not damaged or not to hurt others, it is best to carry out the necessary protection of CNC turret punch, do not operate without protection.

2, the second is one of the more old things to say, may be in a lot of times people around too stressed you, before the operation of inspection work is not to omit, even in also won't find any fault after everything checked out, but for CNC turret punch press this link is really can not be ignored.

3, in the mold of the relevant placement work, it is best to get the slider to the dead point, the process of manipulation to be rigorous, only in this way to ensure that the following work smoothly.

4, when doing one thing, keep focused is responsible for their own performance, not only for the control of CNC turret punch now, other should also be so.

5, if there is something wrong in the whole operation, no matter whether it is serious or not, it is best to stop and check the CNC turret punch.

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