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How to maintain CNC turret punch

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How to maintain CNC turret punch

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The use and protection of CNC turret punch press in ordinary times:

CNC turret punch in the general work of the use of time, should from the point of view of protection, comply with some of the more key technology, and according to the actual problems put forward the corresponding solution, may play a good guiding role for users. Ensure the best mold voids.

CNC turret punch mold clearance refers to the turret punch into the mold, and the sum of the clearance on both sides. It is related to the thickness of the plate, raw materials and stamping technology of the turret punch press. The selection of a more appropriate mold gap can ensure that there is a very good punching quality, reduce the burr and collapse of the punch press, adhere to the flat sheet, so as to avoid some problems with material, but also to prolong the life of the mold.

Check the stamping waste we have worked to determine whether the mold gap is suitable. If the gap is too large, when we work, the leftover material will appear rough and very uneven cracking surface and relatively bright surface. The greater the clearance of the punch, the bigger the view point formed by the cracking surface and the light surface, punching will constitute the edge of the material and cracking, and even present a thin edge protruding. On the contrary, if the gap is too small, the waste will show a small point of cracking surface and a large bright surface.

When the punch, shear and other local work, the lateral force will make the punch deflection and the formation of unilateral gap is too small, sometimes the edge offset is too large to scratch the lower die, forming the upper and lower die of rapid wear.

When the mold is working with the best clearance, the cracking surface of the leftover material and the bright surface have the same viewpoint, and overlap with each other, so that the strength of punching is small, the burr generated by punching is also small.




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