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A brief analysis of matters needing attention before using bronze processing machine and application industry

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  • Time of issue:2013-11-08 00:00

A brief analysis of matters needing attention before using bronze processing machine and application industry

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  • Time of issue:2013-11-08 00:00

As a professional manufacturer of bronze processing machine, our company has done research on bronze processing machine. For the use of bronze processing machine, we should pay attention to the following aspects; The oil tank must be filled before starting up for the first time to avoid damage to the oil pump. Must read the operation manual carefully, familiar with the machine structure, performance and operation method. Do not wear a scarf or coat or other clothes to operate. Work correctly in order to stop and get out of danger as soon as possible in case of trouble. If the operating temperature of bronze processing machine is lower than 0℃, it should be turned on for a minute before working. Installation, adjustment (mold adjustment, blade clearance adjustment) or disassembly of molds must be carried out by personnel familiar with the machine in accordance with specified procedures. Do not place your hand or part of your body between the upper and lower die (blade) when the copper cutting machine is running to avoid accidents. All sundries and tools should not be placed on the working table to avoid rolling into the mould or knife edge and causing accidents. Application scope: high and low voltage switchgear, substation, bus slot, bridge, electrical switch, communication equipment, household appliances, shipbuilding, office automation equipment, elevator manufacturing, chassis cabinet manufacturing and other electrical complete set of manufacturing industry.


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