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Factors affecting the machining accuracy of busbar machine and its operation flow

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Factors affecting the machining accuracy of busbar machine and its operation flow

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The factors affecting the processing accuracy of bus processing machine are as follows: (1) the error caused by the residual stress of the workpiece residual stress refers to the stress still remaining in the workpiece after the external load is removed. (2) the uniqueness of the error generated by CNC machine bus machine CNC machine tool and ordinary machine tools are the most important difference between two points: one is the CNC machine tool has a "command system "- CNC system; Second, nc machine tools has executed drive system, servo system of the movement. (3) improve the machining accuracy of technology measures to ensure and improve the processing precision of the method, can be roughly divided into the following kinds: reduce the original error method, original error compensation method, transfer the original error method, divide the original method, homogenization of the original error method, on-site processing method. The operation process of bus processing machine: 1, installation, debugging (to mold, adjust blade clearance) or disassembly mold, must be familiar with the machine personnel in accordance with the prescribed procedures. 2. When the machine is working normally, do not put your hand or part of your body between the upper and lower molds (blades) to avoid accidents. 3, all sundries and tools should not be put on the work table, in order to avoid rolling into the mold or knife edge and causing accidents. 4, because this machine can be operated by many people, so there must be a special person responsible for directing the production. 5, bus processing machine must be according to the thickness of the copper bar (or aluminum bar) to choose a good shear blade and die clearance and bending fillet radius. 6, in the replacement of the mold must be shut down, in order to avoid danger. 7. In operation, be careful when holding the workpiece and waiting for the slider to go down. 8. Check the sharpness of the blade and die edge regularly. If it is found that the edge is blunt, it should be repaired or replaced in time. 9, bus processing machine to keep the oil clean and smooth, each shift to each unit moving parts add lubricating oil. 10, the electrical and hydraulic components must ensure that the action is flexible and the position is correct, abnormal phenomenon must be immediately stopped for inspection. The function of voltage transformer of bus processing machine is to transform high voltage into standard secondary voltage of 100V or lower grade in proportion for protection, measurement and instrument device. At the same time, the use of voltage transformers can isolate high voltages from electrical workers. Although the voltage transformer also works according to the principle of electromagnetic induction, its electromagnetic structure is opposite to that of the current transformer. The secondary circuit of the voltage transformer is a high impedance circuit. The secondary current is determined by the impedance of the circuit. When the secondary load impedance decreases, the secondary current increases, so that the primary current automatically increases by one component to meet the electromagnetic balance between the primary side and the secondary side. It can be said that voltage transformer is a special transformer with limited structure and use form.


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